Meet the Cats


PilgrimPilgrim is a white and gray tabby, brought in as a stray to the Tompkins County SPCA here in Ithaca. He tested positive for FeLV and the people who had rescued him never came back for him once they were notified of his status. We adopted him in 2009 and he’s been a wonderful companion ever since! In 2013 a lymphoma mass was found between his heart and his lungs and he underwent 6 months of chemotherapy. He was given a 50% chance of survival but came back better than ever! Pilgrim is playful, sweet, and loves to be the center of attention.


MacMac is a long-haired orange and white kitty who was adopted from the Tompkins County SPCA in 2013 when he was just too sweet, healthy, and playful for the staff to euthanize after he was diagnosed with FeLV. Mac is a scaredy cat and is usually frightened by the doorbell, new people, and loud voices. Once he becomes more comfortable though, he is super affectionate, playful, and adorable to be around. He became allergic to his food and suffered some pretty bad paw scabbing and lesions, but after x-rays and a biopsy, it was determined that a change of food would be in his best interest. He is on a special diet and should not be given any other treats or outside food.


Ross is a gray cat that we adopted in May 2015 from the Schuyler County Humane Society. Ross had been at the shelter for 6 years, the last 2 of which he had to be isolated from the other cats as he had escaped during a renovation and when he was recaptured, he tested positive for FeLV. Ross is a very shy and timid cat who does not like to be held and hides frequently under our bed or in our closet. He’s come out of his shell and will sleep with us, purr, and nuzzle us in the morning when he is hungry. He rarely ventures past the 2nd floor as he’s frightened by the other cats and some have picked on him as well. If you are patient and don’t make any sudden moves, he may come up to you and sniff your hand and may let you pet him briefly.


Simon is a big, muscular orange tabby that we adopted at the same time with Mooch in September of 2015 from the Tompkins County SPCA. He had an abscess in his mouth and had tested positive for FeLV and was slated to be euthanized if a rescuer did not come forward. His abscess cleared with medication before he was adopted and after being a stray cat for years before this, he was neutered right before we picked him up. Due to his neutering later in life, he was more aggressive than our resident cats and quickly took over the house becoming the dominant cat. He frequently tries to hunt, chase, and attack Pilgrim, Mac, and Ross and they’ve become quite scared of him. However, he is best friends with Mooch and they play together all day. He is also very affectionate and submissive around humans. Due to his bullying of most of the other cats in the house, they have to be separated from one another. We take turns allowing them out so they all get time to venture around the house. Simon is also very food aggressive, so when we are eating meals, he has to be put into his own room so he won’t steal food from others. He has figured out how to open doors and cabinets using his big paws and hanging off the handles, so we have to lock his room from the outside when we put him away and put child-proof locks on the cat food cabinet and trash can drawer.  Despite all of this, guests tend to fall in love with this confident, smart boy and we imagine you will too!


Mooch (yes, that is the name he came with!) is a small black and white tuxedo cat that we adopted at the same time as Simon in September of 2015 from the Tompkins County SPCA. He had been returned to the shelter for being “too playful.” He tested positive for FeLV and was not considered adoptable by the general public. Even though he is an adult cat, he still remains small statured and full of energy. He and Simon are best buddies and can be frequently seen wrestling or cuddled together grooming one another. Mooch is the only cat who is tolerated by all of the other cats in the house. Like his friend Simon, Mooch is food aggressive (hence probably why he earned the name “Mooch”) and typically has to be put in a separate room when the humans in the house are eating as he will try to steal their food. He is a bit of a scaredy cat around new people initially but once he warms up to you and doesn’t feel threatened, he can be very sweet and he often chirps to himself as he meanders through the house. He has a cute face and big eyes and has been compared to Grumpy Cat. He’ll melt your heart!